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Reporter Acknowledgement


Date last updated: 2 March 2021

The SECURE-Liver database would not be possible without the contribution of reporters worldwide. We deeply appreciate the time that clinicians have taken out of their busy scheduled to report cases during this global pandemic. We would like to acknowledge the following individuals who have contributed case report forms to the registry.


Reporter Physician
Agustina Martinez Garmendia Ezequiel Mauro
Ahmad Al-Taee Ahmad Al-Taee
Alexandra Shingina Alexandra Shingina
Alvaro Urzua Alvaro Urzua
Andrew Moon A. Sidney Barritt
Andrew Moon Andrew Moon
Andrew Moon Cary Cotton
Andrew Moon Scott Elliott
Andrew Moon
Aren Nersisyan Aren Nersisyan
Beth Lusina Kelly Burak
Carmen Cerron Martin Padilla
Christine Kups Kelly Burak
Colin Smith Colin Smith
Costica Aloman Costica Aloman
Costica Aloman Donald Jensen
Costica Aloman Justin Mitchel
Costica Aloman Nancy Reau
Costica Aloman Nikunj Shah
Costica Aloman Sheila Eswaran
Costica Aloman Sujit Janardhan
Daniela Hernández Castro Daniela Hernández Castro
David Wong Aliya Gulamhusein
David Wong David Wong
Devina Bhasin Devina Bhasin
Eduardo Rodriguez Eduardo Rodriguez
Elizabeth Lee David KH Wong
Ezequiel Mauro Ezequiel Mauro
Fati Mayra Luque Quilla Vanessa Rodriguez Zarate
Feng Su Charles Landis
Feng Su Iris Liou
Feng Su Michele Goodman ARNP
Feng Su Paula Cox-North ARNP
Feng Su
Gabriel Aballay Soteras Gabriel Aballay Soteras
Graham Brady Robert Fontana
Gustavo Henrique Santos Pereira Gustavo Henrique Santos Pereira
Heidi Drescher
Hrishikesh Samant Hrishikesh Samant
Ignacio García Juárez Ignacio García Juárez
Ignacio García-Juárez Alan G Contreras
Ignacio García-Juárez Francisco I García-Juárez
Ignacio García-Juárez José A Avila Rojo
Ignacio García-Juárez Luis A Estrella Sato
Ignacio García-Juárez Ignacio García-Juárez
Igncio García-Juárez Jesus A Camacho Escobedo
Isaac Ruiz Catherine Vincent
Isaac Ruiz Claire Fournier
Isaac Ruiz Geneviève Huard
Isaac Ruiz Hélène Castel
Isaac Ruiz Jeanne-Marie Giard
Isaac Ruiz Jean-Pierre Villeneuve
Isaac Ruiz Julien Bissonnette
Isaac Ruiz Marc Bilodeau
Isaac Ruiz Raymond Leduc
James Esteban Achutan Sourianarayanane
James Esteban Aiman Ghufran
James Esteban Kia Saeian
James Esteban Syed Rizvi
James Esteban
Jennifer Ray Alexa Fider-Whyte
Jihane Benhammou
Juan Pablo Arab Verdugo Juan Pablo Arab Verdugo
Judith Gomez Camarero Cristina Fernandez Marcos
Judith Gomez Camarero Judith Gomez Camarero
Justin Boike Christopher Moore
Justin Boike Daniel Ganger
Justin Boike Josh Levitsky
Justin Boike Justin Boike
Justin Boike Laura Kulik
Katherine Marx Maria Andreea Catana
Kevin Korenblat Kevin Korenblat
Kiersten Berg Alex Aspinall
Kiersten Berg Borman
Kiersten Berg Kiersten Berg
Kiersten Berg Stephen Congly
Lance L Stein Lance L Stein
Logan Hobbs Archita Desai
Logan Hobbs Craig Lammert
Logan Hobbs Marwan Ghabril
Maíra Godoy Maíra Godoy
Maria Andreea Catana Alan Bonder
Maria Andreea Catana Kathleen Corey
Maria Andreea Catana Maria Andreea Catana
Maria Andreea Catana Nezam Afdhal
Maria Andreea Catana Nezam H Afdhal
Maria Andreea Catana Tara Ghaziani
Maria Andreea Catana Zachary P. Fricker
Maria Andreea Catana Alan Bonder
Maria Andreea Catana Daryl Lau
Maria Andreea Catana Maria Andreea Catana
Maria Andreea Catana Micheal Curry
Maria Andreea Catana Michelle Lai
Maria Andreea Catana Raza Malik
Maria Andreea Catana Vilas Patwardhan
Maria Andreea Catana Vilas Patwardhan
Mark Sonderup Mark Sonderup
Mary Drinane Mary Drinane
Mary Kouba Devina Bhasin
Mary Kouba Raymond Rubin
Matthew Collins David Wong
Matthew McConnell Cary Caldwell
Michael Andrew Yu Ram Subramanian
Michael J Monzel Michael J Monzel
Ming-Hua Zheng Ming-Hua Zheng
Mohamed Elfeki Alan Hilgerson
Mohamed Elfeki Donald Hillebrand
Mohamed Elfeki Jason Kruse
Nancy Reau Nancy Reau
Neil Shah Neil Shah
Nneka Ufere Connie Huang
Nneka Ufere Gary Trey
Nneka Ufere Karim Fawaz
Nneka Ufere Kathleen Corey
Nneka Ufere Lizabeth Cline
Nneka Ufere Michael Thiim
Nneka Ufere Panagiotis Trilianos
Nneka Ufere Shoko Kimura
Nneka Ufere Stephen Zucker
Nneka Ufere Tracey Simon
Patricia Jones Arosemena
Patricia Jones Martin
Patricia Jones Molliner
Patricia Jones O’Brien
Patricia Jones P Martin
Patricia jones Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones Shane
Pedro Montes Pedro Montes
Ponni Perumalswami Amon Asgharpour
Ponni Perumalswami Charissa Chang
Ponni Perumalswami Gene Im
Ponni Perumalswami James Crismale
Ponni Perumalswami Jawad Ahmad
Ponni Perumalswami Jennifer Leong
Ponni Perumalswami Joseph Odin
Ponni Perumalswami Kamron Pourmand
Ponni Perumalswami Leona Kim-Schluger
Ponni Perumalswami Linda Law
Ponni Perumalswami Ponni Perumalswami
Ponni Perumalswami Priya Grewal
Ponni Perumalswami Ritu Agarwal
Ponni Perumalswami Thomas Schiano
Ponni Perumalswami
Rafael Oliveira Ximenes Aline de Castro Pereira
Rahul Maheshwari Rahul Maheshwari
Rajiv Majithia Rajiv Majithia
Raymond Rubin Rahul Maheshwari
Raymond Rubin Raymond Rubin
Sarang Thaker Adam Mikolajczyk
Sarang Thaker Sean Koppe
Sathish Subramanian Sathish Subramanian
Sheila Eswaran Sheila Eswaran
Steve Scaglione Steve Scaglione
Tanvir Haque Tanvir Haque
Tommy Yen Tommy Yen
Veronica Nguyen Geoffrey Block
Vrakas Spyridon Xourgias Vasileios
Zurabi Lominadze Zurabi Lominadze


If you are a reporter or physician on this list and would prefer to remain anonymous, please email our team at and we will remove you from this listing and on future publication acknowledgements.