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Requests for Access to SECURE-Liver/COVID-Hep Data

Thank you for your interest in using the SECURE-Liver and COVID-Hep data for research purposes. We are committed to data sharing and happy to make our data available for researchers to answer important questions regarding COVID-19 in patients with chronic liver diseases and prior liver transplant. Please click here to review our data entry form, which includes inclusion criteria and variables available within our database.

Data sharing requests must be submitted using the application below. Requests will be evaluated by our Publications Steering Committee based on the following criteria: rigor, risk of bias, feasibility, track record of the researcher/research team, scientific importance, and overlap with previous and/or ongoing projects. Projects with one of the following focuses has a higher likelihood of being funded (other ideas for use of data are also welcome):

  1. Adding to other data sets to enhance the power of a study in liver disease
  2. Use of data for validation studies,
  3. Use of registry data to compare with other disease cohorts

Below is a list of previously published or ongoing work. Proposals in which the primary aim is one the following, are unlikely to be granted:

  1. Outcomes of COVID-19 in adult liver transplant recipients
  2. Outcomes of COVID-19 in pediatric liver transplant recipients
  3. Outcomes of COVID-19 in adults with chronic liver disease
  4. Outcomes of COVID-19 in patients with autoimmune hepatitis
  5. Breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 in liver disease patients who have received COVID-19 vaccination
  6. ICU escalation in liver disease patients with COVID-19

Following acceptance of your data sharing request, our team will work with you to establish a set of expectations and agreements regarding data use, timelines, progress reports, citation of SECURE-Liver/COVID-Hep data and contributors, and authorship, followed by sharing of relevant data. Depending on degree of involvement and oversight, Publications Steering Committee members may be included on the authorship on resulting publications.

A progress report (including Project Title, Study Team Members, Progress on Specific Analyses, Timeline for Conference Abstracts and Manuscript Submission) will be required within 90 days of receiving data. If the progress report has not been submitted or substantial progress is not being made over a reasonable period of time, the SECURE-Liver/COVID-Hep steering committee may revoke the ability to publish/present data and terminate the data sharing agreement.

All proposed abstracts, public data presentations and papers must be submitted and reviewed by the SECURE-Liver/COVID-Hep Publications Steering Committee at least 30 days prior to deadline. Specific language acknowledging SECURE-Liver, COVID-Hep, contributors to the registries, AASLD and EASL will need to be included in the acknowledgements on all resulting publications.

If you are interested in using SECURE-Liver/COVID-Hep data for your research, please contact our team at